Slender: The Arrival - Lady Lauren vs a Frightening Slenderman

on Saturday, January 25, 2014
Do you enjoy Slender: The Eight Pages? Then you will want to try out Slender The Arrival. Slender is back, and a lot more frightening than before.

In 2013 springtime, a survival horror video game was created by Parsec Productions and published by Blue Isle Studios: we're talking about Slender: The Arrival. It can be purchased on Steam with many additional contents, nonetheless, if you'd like to download Slender The Arrival absolutely free, I propose to check this great site (


Lauren is actually a lady impersonated by the gamer, and she will go through 5 chapters of the story. We then have Kate, a friend that Lauren visits, nevertheless the lady doesn't manage to find the woman. Various pages are discovered in her house, with instructions to go to the radio tower.

She is able to gather 8 pages, checking out the neighborhood area. When Lauren begins to gather them, the Slenderman begins to follow her. After a while she locates all of the pages, nonetheless she faints because the the monster grabs her. She awakes in a mining area, in which she realizes that to be able to leave that facility she's to trigger six generators. Whilst triggering all of them, a white figure pursues her.

And then you will find a flashback of Kate. The Slenderman is arriving, and then she needs to close 8 windows/doors as soon as possible. Afterwards, making use of her bedroom's window, the woman runs away from him.

Returning to Lauren, she now has to arrive at the radio tower, however the lady quickly realizes that the woodland is actually on fire and then she is followed by a far more competitive Slenderman. Once in the radio tower system, she locates a defunct body, and the door abruptly closes behind her. Many knocks on the doorway can be heard, and therefore the screen flashes.


As always, the gamer is unable to employ weapons or battle in some way to guard himself; he has only a torch. So, the only real possible strategy when he is at risk, is always to run. In every stage the actual Slenderman's mindset changes wholly. Arriving in the final level, his attitude is very aggressive and also he'll teleport in front of the gamer. Such as first video game, when the Slenderman is actually near the gamer, the camera shows electronic digital distorsions, that end when he moves away from the Slenderman. You will find yet another antagonist, also, a white figure having a mask who, later on, is discovered to be Kate, which has turned into a proxy. The only technique to mitigate her should be to focus the light on her. You can opt for various difficulty choices.

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