The usefulness of Xbox Codes

on Sunday, January 19, 2014

What precisely are microsoft points codes? One can find free microsoft points?

Microsoft Points Codes allows you to add Microsoft Points into your own xbox live account, hence they are basically serial keys. Microsoft Points are classified as the currency applied by Microsoft inside their Xbox Live Marketplace, and can certainly be applied so as to acquire games, songs, videos and various other digital content. Retail shops sell off Microsoft Points cards. In the united states, to purchase the minimum 400 points you have to pay $5, while 800 cost $10, 1200 cost $15, and 1600 cost $20, 6000 is the maximum amount of points.

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Cool. But, how can I obtain free microsoft points?

Despite the fact that Microsoft cards can be simply purchased on the web, someone might not afford to acquire them. Because of this, offering you a link that'll be allowed to provide you some xbox live codes, we're going to help you. The codes are not limitless, therefore we said "some". To allow them supply everyone with codes, a share on a social network is definitely the exclusively thing they require. They send people to their advertisers' sites, for this reason a share finance them. In this way, many xbox codes (each of them free of cost) can be offered, gratifying everybody.

Since we're a partner of that web site, we're promoting it. There is not only one way of getting microsoft points free of charge. Numerous websites on the web offer them free of charge, but it's not so easy to recognize them among the some other - fraudulent - sites. With xbox code generator, unlimited and free xbox live codes and microsoft code generator, fake internet sites aim to scam you. We know they are fake internet sites, nevertheless for somebody else looks legit. We are warning you only to avoid this. Go on and search in Google for " free microsoft points ( check out", if you feel inspired and if you think you'll be able to recognize authentic internet sites from fake ones. Alternatively, you may use our recommended site.

Exactly how to be able to redeem a code?

Just before telling you that, we must mention the fact that Microsoft Points will die as currency. Microsoft has decided to replace them with local money currencies. Nevertheless, the already generated codes will continue to work. Known that, here's how to redeem a code:

1) Go to
2) Go to Redeem Code and sign in with your Microsoft account
3) Enter the 25 character prepaid code and click Redeem Code

In your own account there will appear the money corresponding to the amount of Microsoft points associated with that code.

That is all for this guide/tutorial! If you would like, you may look at the other ones! Have a great day!


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