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on Monday, February 3, 2014

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
White Whale

Only while the Community Events, the particular White Whale can be found with an online connection. White Whale Skin is really a Crafting item you can certainly obtain through harpooning a White Whale or purchasing a White Whale Skin from a shop for 20,000 R.

You absolutely need level 3 harpoons and a level 3 harpoon storage to be able to kill the White Whale, but it's easy to hunt it using a level 2 rowboat.
The whale will definitely wreck your boat, slipping under you, quickly, if you use anything under level 2.

At the start of the hunt, soon after you harpooned the whale, the rowboat will be dragged by it. Every time you throw an harpoon, focus on the white water bubble spots. Since the white whale tends to dive deep when pulling the boat, the white bubbles suggests its location. Frequently entirely charge the harpoon before throwing it, to be able to obtain maximum damage on the whale!

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Keep watch in front of your boat for the white water bubbles, whenever the whale dives down and smashes the rope. At any moment, the whale will jump out to hit you. To avoid damage, immediately after it leaps out, swiftly throw an harpoon at it, hooking it once again. Although you have speared it, any spears below level 3 will definitely result useless and so the whale will leap out and smack your own boat!

When you repeat the tactic on the white whale, it should drop quite quickly. Hunt down as many as three of these bad boys in order to craft yourself a great tiny Whaler outfit. You can also make money from your hunt, selling the white whale skin to 4000R.

There are several white whales waiting to be harpooned... what are you waiting?


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