Ways to earn money inside GTA 5 - Hidden Packages, Assassinations and so on

on Wednesday, March 5, 2014
How to earn money inside GTA 5

GTA 5 is one of the top video games of the last year. For that reason I received lot of request from you to write down a earning cash manual on this wonderful game. Yet let's get down to brass tacks!

Hidden Packages

Around the map yow will discover hidden packages worthy from $5.000 to $25.000. Basically pick up them, they can be typically located underwater.


Through the primary missions of the story, Lester will offer Franklin to complete certain side murder missions. With this objective, you're typically harming a company and favoring a different one. Make investments in the company ruined after the quest, and in the organization preferred prior to the mission.


Even in the primary story you can favor as well as harm a company. Right after the quest Legal Trouble, invest in the FlyUS, their own stocks definitely will drop substantially. Then they will resume after the quest "Meltdown".

Rob people near ATMs

Observe people around ATMs. When they had been in the vicinity of one of them, whip and consequently steal them, after that get away from the police.


Visit some stores, then point happily your own gun towards the man at the counter. He'll accumulate some money for you and let you pick it up. And then it will certainly stab you in the back simply by calling the police.

Complete the Heists

In case you are still a beginner and you also don't know how to earn money, you may want to understand that you might gain a lot of that simply by completing the very first heist inside the game.

Steal an armored truck

Armored trucks appear randomly on the map, you are able to quickly recognize them. Shoot the drivers, put an explosive on the back of the truck and additionally blow it, then simply collect the money.


Saving is the perfect money making method. Therefore here's a advice: inside a mission, visit Ammu-Nation and get the upgrades of your weapons. After that kill yourself and so retry the mission. Check out Ammu-Nation and you will probably see the upgrades marked as bought.


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