Battlefield 4 Levolution Guide - Downbreaker, Flood Zone, Goldmund Railway and so on...

on Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Battlefield 4 Levolution Guide

Battlefield 4, a first-person shooter video game. Made by DICE and provided by EA, Battlefield 4 is the following episode of Battlefield 3. It's not no cost, and probably you'll have great trouble to find Battlefield 4 100 % free.

Gameplay characteristics

Contrary to its prequel, this episode of Battlefield have got extra features. Utilize dual-scoped guns, have the ability to swim under the sea or even use dual-scoped guns are usually actions that you could make in Battlefield 4.

You will have the option, in the multiplayer, to select which groups you'll be part of.
The leader mode, coming from Battlefield 1942, is available in this video game.

Favor the player, dynamically alter the battlefield, therefore altering, nonetheless, significantly physiognomy of the map, are all popular features of Levolution.

We discovered exactly the same four kits from Battlefield 3: Engineer can be utilized with PDWs; Assault has now to attend in order to recharge his defibrillator till making use of it;
the Recon is able to use far more accessories and optics to his sniper rifle, in addition to make use of carbines and C4;
Support can use remote mortar.

The main innovation in Battlefield 4 is unquestionably the morphology of the video game map: today I want to analyze it.


Throughout this particular map in order to trigger the Levolution you need to increase the pression of a pair of pipes, situated around B and then D flag. A large blast will happen, opening up an undercover passage.

Flood Zone

The most important Levolution event in this map is made by wrecking the levee nearby the flag B.

Golmund Railway

Inside Golmund Railway you will find several explosives across the map. Just power them and enjoy.

battlefield 4 dawnbreaker

Hainan Resort

The biggest Levolution feature in this map is about the hotel at flag B. Destroy the right or left side of the hotel, in order to open up new routes and consequently close older ones.

battlefield 4 paracel storm multiplayer gameplay

Lancang Dam

Damage the levee based to the North of the map. Water will certainly flow and in the end the levee will block part of the map.

Operation Locker

The biggest Levolution event in this map is created by just destroying the guard tower which houses flag C.

Paracel Storm

When you will see a bad water as well as on the windmill will be burning, just break it down and have fun with the collision.

Rogue Transmission

Demolish two of the three wires groups that hold the huge dish. One of the groups is found nearby flag A, the other one near flag E. The dish will collapse nevertheless the area underneath will be still available.

Siege of Shangai

The Levolution event that has been introduced at E3 2013. Overwhelm the support beams of the skyscraper above which there is flag C. Parachute down, if you are on top of that, or you will die, crushed by the rubble.

Zavod 311

If you want to trigger the Levolution system within this map, you must activate the bomb within the laptop around flag D, that will create a crush of the fireplace on the way.


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