Reviewing and Listing Best 2013 Videogames

on Thursday, April 10, 2014
The best 2013 videogames

A few of you asked us exactly what are the very best 2013 videogames. We thought a lttle bit about that, therefore afterwards we created this classification. Here you are:

5. Batman: Arkham Origins

So the Dark Knight makes it to the 5th position, is a good position for a video game that doesn't have any major innovative developments when compared to previous game of the collection, but which happens to be entertaining plus enjoying to relax and play.

4. Tomb Raider

We were looking forward to an innovative Tomb Raider, looking to see a next-gen Lara, struggling with innovative tombs, completely new secrets, innovative (next-gen) sensuality. Crystal Dynamics achieved this even though duty, and allowing us know a new Lara, who is not fearless, who isn't the powerful lady we knew. Crystal Dynamics tells the storyline of a younger Lara, however doesn't fail to do it.

3. Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls, exactly like Heavy Rain, is much more such as an interactive movie than only a video game. But it merits this position for sure. This is a video game filled with meanings along with emotions. We all did recognize ourselves with Jodie, we was feeling sad when she was unhappy, we felt happy while he was happy. Good work Quantic Dream.

2. GTA 5

Rockstar certainly is the software house which can generate the most hype about a video game. On the 2nd November 2011 the Rockstar's guys introduced a trailer regarding Grand Theft Auto 5, and then since that instant the world started to be insane, expecting the release of the video game. Right now GTA 5 is out, and as its usual, it impressed the experts and left amazed each and every videogamer. Enjoy your cash Rockstar, you deserved it.

1. The Last of Us

And the 1st spot is taken by... you've see clearly anyway, let's just simply state exactly why The Last of Us merits this position. It is really an innovative, attractive and deep video game, which works with strong themes. Joel and also Ellie are actually significant characters, and you will surely become attached to them, specially to the young Ellie. Nevertheless, the graphics is great, and the game play mechanics adapt and mix properly to the structure that Naughty Dog has developed.


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