Oculus Rift and other top 2013 products

on Sunday, April 20, 2014

Five Top 2013 Products

Many of you asked me personally in order to do a list of the top 2013 product. I thought a great deal about this, it was not so simple to decide which has been the most significant products of the entire year. But after a bit of time I finally was able to create it down, you definitely need to read it!

5th - Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Note 3, the newest Samsung's phablet, absolutely deverses this placement. The Note 2 had been a top-notch product, but Samsung managed to additionally improve it.

The phone contains a 5.7” FullHD Super Amoled Panel, 3GB of Ram memory, Snapdragon 800 Cpu and a 13 Mpx digital camera. But the primary part of the phone, devoted to the business men, is definitely the s-pen, that, thanks to the Wacom panel, is amazingly precise and also incorporated into the device's primary features.

4th - Oculus Rift

The augmented reality viewer is not some kind of sci-fi, it is real - however, not so famous or integrated with the modern technologies -.

3rd - Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia never fails in terms of camera performances. As a result of its 41 Mpx camera, the Lumia 1020 can take really sharp and intense photos, worthy of a professional camera.

If you want to purchase a camera-phone and you do not mind having a closed os like Windows Phone, your choice is just one.

2nd - Playstation 4

Obviously, talking about the release of the product, Sony has absolutely exceeded Microsoft, launching its gaming console with a 100$ less cost along with a couple of new and exciting excusives planned for this year (who mentioned Infamous?).

1st - Nexus 5

Any time my buddies ask me which phone to buy with a low budget, I normally answer them offhandedly to purchase the new Google Phone produced by LG, the Nexus 5. They tell me they never heard of that, and never would purchase it. I am pleased by that. The Nexus 5 is really a niche product, and it has to remain a niche product, for techno-lovers.

It's absolutely worthy of the very first place in my chart.


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